Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last day-itis...

Today is the final day (barring some snow-act of God) of our vacation. I found these pictures online. That bottom one is adorable, found it on PBS, but couldn't find the person who took it! I'm the cat in the top photo... in disguise. I'z hypnotized by the moments that are falling through the hourglass, ticking off the final seconds of my vacation. My son is coming over for a hot casserole, and I'm hoping my mother can come out to eat and play a little spinner. Our road is icy slick, so we've discouraged everyone from visiting... It thawed right before this arctic freeze..... making a moosh of icy ripples that are hard to navigate.
Everyone in blogland either made resolutions or kept a few. I was kind of nebulous with mine. I made a few, but some I make every year... I have decided to embrace grace, peace, charm, coziness, and heart... Blessings to all! Grades are due, so this procrastinating, "charming and graceful" teacher has to get busy.... Need I ever criticize my students for pulling those all-nighters when they "knew" the assignment was upon us?

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