Saturday, January 2, 2010

Could there be a worse daughter?

As this holiday vacation winds itself down, and I find myself thinking it's about time to average those grades due Monday morning, I just had to share the latest in "the worse daughter ever" saga I've been starring in since 2007.... I've been out of the house exactly four times over the holidays: One with Mom to finish grocery shopping for our guests, one to attend the Italian party, one to take Mom to the doc and hospital for some tests, and then today... Wanna know why I was out today with a wind chill of 25 below? Because. On the day I took Mom to the doctor, she had heard through the grapevine (not blaming anyone but my cousin told her this, and Mom believes everything my cousin says)... we took ALL Mom's medicines in their bottles in a Wal-Mart bag to the doc... All, being a two-month supply she orders from Texas. Ummm. Doc didn't need her meds. Mom, being a freakazoid cleaner, tucked them into the Sonic bag in my car for me to bring in and GO THROUGH. Ummmm.. Me, NOT being a cleaner in any form of the word, left the whole mess in the car thinking the meds were in a plastic bag and all would be well. Ummmm. My son, having a little date and borrowing my car since his is Kaput, pitched the whole thing somewhere he knows not where in town to clean up the car for Tootsie Sue... So, I called the doc's personal cell phone, which I'm sure he regrets giving me the number for, and I left a message recounting all of this even though this particular doctor hates chit chat.... He called me late last night on his way home from working at the Emergency Room in Columbia, "Could there be a worse daughter?" he laughs... called in an emergency supply, and I picked it up today... Still have to deal with Texas.... Still have to do my grades.... but a nap is sure sounding better and better... Negative 25 wind chill!!!! whew!!!


Linda said...

Oh Girl I vote you the BEST DAUGHTER in the world! Wind chill and you still go to Mom's rescue! Take that nap, it will be better after that!


Becky K. said...

Oh, how easy it is to have these things happen. So glad the doc had a sense of humor.

Hugs and Happy New Year!

Becky K.