Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No rest for the wicked

That's what my gramma always said. Every school in our quadrant except two are cancelled. Yep. Mine is one of the "brave ones." So, in spite of the 50 mile an hour gusts, the 16 and falling temperatures, the broken door on my room that won't stay shut (It will fly off the house I fear), and the fact I'm late and waiting on my son to help thaw the car doors which are frozen shut... I will soon be on my way. I can't help but think, "I retired once. I could be drinking hot tea." I know... Yesterday a student brought me homemade bread because her thoughtful mom wanted to thank me for something. Another wonderful child decided to make me a card with the most special note on the back a teacher could ever receive... Just as with life, there are ups and downs to everything. Focus on the good... and hold on to your skirt tail today, Honey... Today you are one of the few, the proud, the Bevier.... Whoosh!


Megan said...

Cute post! I, too, would much rather be home sipping on tea, hot cocoa, or coffee. My kids are continually talking about how ridiculous it is that we are in school. In the back of my mind, I can't help but agree with them, as I have SO many things at home I'd much rather be doing!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It is really windy and cold here also. Happy Happy week...m.

Lisa said...

Oh my dear, it sure is cold!! I have a remote start on my car, but couldn't get inside to go anywhere this morning. Took it awhile to warm it up!! Oh to be retired with you and sipping hot tea!!