Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Night Greetings!

Before the snow really hit this morning we had a skiff and a slant of sunlight. Later the snow came with 30-40 mile an hour winds, 12 degree temps, and plenty of gratitude for a warm home and loved ones all tucked in... I hope everyone is okay!
Waiting for time for Santa Claus! My son slept in a little, and the "elves" here at the home from were simply pacing!!! haha... No, actually it was a fun morning! And a beautiful afternoon.
Sugartown Precious Moments...
This little church is a gift from my grandfather to my parents when they were first married. It lights and plays music. When I was little, we put it on the mantel with a collection of angels, carolers, and pinecones... It was a yearly tradition to decorate the tree and the house while Daddy was at work, wait in anticipation for him to arrive down that long road in his pickup... When we saw the lights at the end of the driveway, we had a quarter of a mile to light the tree, turn out the house lights, wind up the music box church, plug in the little window lights... and hide... He'd open that back door, and pause... Then we could hear him say, "Well.... what has been happening here? Where is everyone? Look at all this Christmas!!!" I'm sure he never imagined to see Mom and me pop out and scream, "Merry Christmas!!!" What a beautiful time of life that was.

My dad built my mother a Santa closet with lights and a lovely place to store her collections. During the holidays she opens the closet and enjoys her pretty Santas and the Snow Village from Precious Moments. I know you all also enjoyed your day with families and friends. Blessings to you all!

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Becky K. said...

Lovely post filled with beauty and memories.
Becky K.