Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, what a night. My son called about 9 and wondered if I had come to get Sally, my cat who has lived with him since I moved in here with Mom. No, I hadn't, but we cannot find her anywhere. He looked for hours with a flashlight and the little laser which she loved to chase. I feel sure she would have shown her little colors if she could have. We don't know. She hated the outdoors. Never wanted to go out, never ventured out except for once when she fell out of a weak-screened window as a kitten. She began to wail and scream to come back in that night, and I've never seen her even give the great outdoors a second glance. Yet, she's gone. She might have curled into a little ball and... you know... She might still come out and be okay... She may have disappeared into the night forever. It's a sick feeling at the pit of my stomach... Did she leave to die? Coyotes are simply horrific around here... Is she okay and just wandering into some one's home and heart? I have always known I would lose her before I went home.... My son is crying up there, and I am simply numb... Cats are such "their own little persons.." It breaks my heart. Thanks for listening... Send a little kitty cat prayer up for my gal, Sal...

*note: stll no luck... I know if she's in the woods behind my house, she is scared and won't come out. I calledher, walked into the edge of the woods....., and then decided to just MEOW.... It used to bring her running... I once was unfortunate enough to watch Shirley Booth in "Come Back, Little Sheba," and from then on.... there is something so pathetic about a sad woman crying and calling for a dear pet in the rain... Oh, yes... it decided to rain.... I won't be posting about her any more unless I find out something for sure... Stuff like this is so hard for everyone who loves their little fuzzy shadows.... I look a mess, feel so rotten.... and just frankly don't care.


Becky K. said...

Oh Gayla!

I do hope she turns up fine and wondering what all of the fuss is about.
Kitties snuggle up in a special place in the hearts of "cat people" like us.

Becky K.

Lisa said...

Oh Gayla, maybe she's just curled up somewhere just not feeling well. There's no way she could have gotten outside. I feel so sad for you. If you want me to come out to help you look, call me. I'll be happy to...you know what I mean. I'll say a prayer for my gal Sal...I'll pass word to Rey and Callee too.