Friday, October 2, 2009

Honestly, it's fall!

In autumn... my soul flies away from the rest of me, and I feel free... Looking at fall advertisements, trying new recipes, cozying the house with blankets, lighting my candles, and sitting in front of a little fireplace... I sense a difference in the clouds, a brightness in the air, just a simplicity of seasonal change... I believe it's good to say good-bye to one season and to embrace the next, especially in the autumn and in the spring.. The winter and summer sort of get here before their official days, but with the autumnal and vernal times of year... the date precedes the actual event...

So, it's time to put my money where my words are, so to speak. When Cielo of The House in the Roses invited us, called us out really, to celebrate fall.... I thought I needed to step up and do that... I created a snuggly cocoon of pillows and soft quilts, lit my fireplace and a vanilla creme brulee candle.... I brewed a cup of almond tea and found some wonderful music..... and later I'll watch a couple of movies... My school dismissed at noon, so I came to Mom's, had lunch, and took a nap... The night is mine!!! Outdoors, the clouds skuttle over a nearly full moon, and the wind fiercely rattles the side of the house... It's time for a fall dance, to be sure... Check out Cielo's post, and join her (and me in spirit) in this celebration!!!

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