Saturday, September 5, 2009


Two homes, built in the glory days of Bevier... One of these is carefully tended, adored, decorated... and look at the stunning results. This home is always beautiful any season of the year. Then, only two blocks away... the other. Once a miraculous showplace, and later a well-kept home for the elderly, this mansion has seen its last of the glory days. The story goes that the man who owns it bought it for his daughter. She never really wanted the house, and he refused offer after offer to those in Bevier who ached to buy it before it was "too late." Alas! I would say that deadline is past. I don't know the actual "truth" behind the legend... I just know the old house peers through its overgrowth in disbelief... I am sure it had every confidence it would be kept in the manner to which it was "born.".... Is there a lesson here? Probably... But as in all good fables and parables... I think I'll let us all derive what we will... It's time for me to wrap birthday gifts for my son's party tonight! Hoo0ray!


Lisa said...

That dilapidated old house was down the street from me while I was growing up. I remember it being an old folks home. An old man named "Mike" would escape and walk down the street without permission. Pretty soon you'd see a nurse come and get him. It was a beautiful old home. Really sad because so many from in town and outta town really wanted it.

Becky K. said...

What a contrast.

How sad, when things are just let go.

Lisa's comment is interesting too.

Becky K.