Saturday, September 19, 2009

Luxurious Me

Since my little girl days, I have had this thing about bedtime... Although always possible, it's not always something I can do... Clean EVERYTHING... These happen to be my fall/winter gift to myself: new sheets in an amazing texture that is silky smooth and absolutely wonderful. I bought them on QVC, and I love them!!! Spice is the color! So, after a hot shower, hair washed and conditioned, teeth all scrubby dubbed with my electric toothbrush, and delicious lotion slathered all over my legs and shoulders... I am ready to snuggle into this bed with my Romantic Country magazine!!! Add in some ice water in a pretty glass, and I'm good for tonight! I'd say a tiny bit of dark chocolate, but then... the teeth thing..... Ah, well.... It isn't the line-dried, stiff cotton sheets of my childhood... with a smell that rivals anything I've ever had.... but it's fabulously calling my name!

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