Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Holiday!!

Labor Day Weekend! These fabulous cards are for sale on but they are really expensive!!! 150 dollars each! Wow... I think I'll pass. But they are sure cute.
What plans have you been cooking up? I asked my classes today if anyone had plans for doing something fun, and I got all kinds of responses... all the way from studying all weekend for a Medieval History test next Tuesday to going to the big Mud Run in Macon this weekend. Okay, I think I'll pass on both of those. It's my son's 28th birthday, so we'll be celebrating with some gifts and a pizza supper for him and his friends. I'm making Taco Haystacks for Sunday lunch, and then... who knows about Monday. It might be just home day, or if Mom has her way.... ROAD TRIP!!! haha.. Thank you all for your kind prayers and thoughts. She FINALLY reports that she is feeling a little better and the pain and itch is getting better. What a bad little post/radiation trauma thing she has had...!!! My Gramma always spoke of a "Kill or Cure.".... and the way she said it, I thought Gramma was saying a "Killer Cure." I'm not sure which it really was, but it seems appropriate to mention right now.
My kids are dropping like flies at school to some flu-like malady. We are chloroxing the desks and trying to avoid the Swine Flu thing... Our county has been reduced on the number of vaccines, so teachers won't be getting them... I dunno... Hopefully the whole thing is kind of over-hyped... I am concerned for everyone who gets it though.
I got a new student yesterday. He told me, "Grammar? Not my thing. English? Not my thing? School? Not my thing...!" Then, when I asked him if he had a passing grade to transfer in, he confided that he'd been hiding out from the school authorities for over a year and hoping to get old enough to be able to just drop out... Okay... I told him to take his little workbook back to the little pod of boys (also English-not-my-thing types) and have a seat. I then announced that he was in the best seat in the whole room because the boys on either side of him would be able to help him with the grammar and he could just copy from them that day... Everyone, including those boys looked at me with the..."Did she flip out?" eye roll thing... but the boys got right in there and even came up to the front to get help so they wouldn't steer the new guy wrong... All in all, they all passed that assignment and did fantastic!!! Positive thinking. The Secret... But will it work again? I didn't try it today because two of the three, including the new boy, were absent... Uh... Happy Labor Day!

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Becky K. said...

Interesting attack of that little challenge, Gayla. I am glad it least for one day!
Becky K.