Sunday, September 27, 2009

Autumn Wedding...

Yesterday I drove with a couple of dear friends to the wedding of a former student and niece of one of my best friends... What a beautiful day and a beautiful, beautiful wedding... The ceremony was short, fabulous, and sweet in a little park near the bride's new in-laws. My friend and the bride's mother conspired to create just about perfect decorations for both the wedding ceremony in the park and the reception later across town in The Old Mill Reception Hall. I'll post reception pictures for tomorrow... These are from the park. I wish I'd taken some of the whole scene as I came down from the car, but at that time, I was consumed with "getting there" in one piece!.. The wedding was down on a layered area between the residences and the little lake. In the background we heard running waterfalls, woodsy birds, light traffic, and the occasional overhead roar of jet airliners taking off from KCI... The guitarist was amazing. He played all kinds of music, and truly set the scene. I adore white pumpkins, and these make the whole place look fairy-like and enchanted with the white mums, which had been carefully nurtured for the past two weeks. White mums are so fragile. Tomorrow's spread shows fall's riotous colors, but this was just right for the more formal ceremony. The attendants wore beautiful fall brown gowns, and the bride was knock-out beautiful. We left Macon about noon, and I walked (crawled) in Mom's door about 12:30 a.m. I was conked out by 1:08, which isn't like me.... I was so lucky to have two great co-pilots and my son's GPS, and great instructions, but these places were off the beaten path and kind of hard to find... We took a River Road that was fantastic, but no photos of any of that... I was concentrated on driving without dawdling into any of that traffic!!!

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