Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Year 35... or is it 49!!??!!??

Not quite ready, but by the time tomorrow's assemblies and class meetings are over, I think I'll be organized and set. This is year 35 for teaching, but if you add all the years in education I was a student... it's 49!!!!

or 50.. I don't know. It's a bunch! The past week has been a whirl of book orders, room readying, and meetings. I have the most enormous classes of my life. I took a photo of myself and I looked like a one thousand year old bird woman... from Mary Poppins, you know? I am in dire need of a makeover... but not tonight. I prefer a few minutes of telly, and a quick shower and a little bedtime snoozing... Just call me Brett Favre... without all that signing bonus baggage! I don't blame him one bit. He can no more stand to think of all those guys hitting the football fields without him than I can the classrooms with those wonderful young people and no me..... Maybe soon I'll retire "again." This year I've done the deed... come out of retirement! hahaha... I think I was only retired for one week..... seven years ago... Have a good one! Hugs...


Becky K. said...

You are just too good at what you do, dear Gayla.

I so wish I had enjoyed a teacher like you. None of my English teachers were terrible but you obviously have a gift. I don't recall taking a specific Lit class. But perhaps the memory fails. What I do remember is a speech class that I totally made a fool of myself in. Public Speaking is not my gift! One day even the teacher just had to laugh at my attempts to gesture effectively to the Poem, The Village Blacksmith. Sigh.

Know that you make a difference in your students lives.

Becky K.

Lisa said...

I cannot believe it's been 7 years ago. Wow. As a friend and a teacher, you've made a huge difference in my life!! Even though I got an F on my first rhetorical writing paper in college. LOL. I'm so mean!!!

City Girl Country Heart said...

Ive heard of people not being able to retire after they retire! They just couldnt stand it!
Maybe you might be one :)

ceekay said...

Hi Gayla...thanks for dropping by today. Oooh, I would love some of that lavender. Soooo deep in color. The sky pics are a good sky!!!
That is one thing AZ has good!