Monday, July 27, 2009

Just because

Sunday morning I heard a little rustling on Mom's front porch, so I quietly tiptoed to the window on her screen door. On her porch was Elmira Groundhog, pretty as you please. She stood proud and tall and peered into a little green flower wagon. Then she mosied over to check out the artificial red geranium in Mom's 20 gallon crock. I think she sensed she was being watched because she froze for a few minutes. I decided to knock, and after about five different times, she went under the little wagon to see if I'd go away... Brazen Elmira. Finally, I opened the door, and she ambled off the porch grumbling about the "tresspasser" she had to put up with... Oh, my... and I blamed the bunnies for our geranium loss... Nope. Think it was Elmira, don't you?
Another couple of cards for today... Just because... I'm GLITTER happy!


Lisa said...

Girl, I love those moon cards!!!!! You have to admit Elmira is pretty darn cute! I wish those little animals could talk to us just like in the movies.

Becky K. said...

We were just talking this weekend with my friend, Shelley. She has a groundhog with a taste for daisies. Just the flower. It leaves the stem perfectly straight and long.
I don't think she has named her intruder yet.

Your cards are lovely. You are on quite a roll.