Sunday, July 5, 2009 photo courtesty of this website
Hello, there... Happy Sunday Morning! We had a damp, but lovely 4th Celebration last night. Four young men decided to help my mom and I celebrate, so we shot off fireworks and had casserole, biscuits, apple pie and cheesecake... S00000 slenderizing!??!!!??
Our biggest excitement occurred during the finale fireworks, a battery of aerial beauties that somehow split the side of the fireworks and came our way.. We were lucky and nobody was really hurt, just a few little powder things here and there... Earlier my mom had burnt a hole in her favorite skirt with a sparkler... I felt bad for her because she's really picky about her skirts, but I think it's cute that an 85 year old woman was shooting sparklers on a walker... Talk about the American Spirit, huh? Later she wrapped up in a sweater and a shawl made by a dear friend of mine.. My son told her he didn't know he had a little Russian grandmother with a babushka!!!! haha... It was a good night, and I thank God for our family, our friends, and our freedom.... Have a lovely Sunday.

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marty39 said...

How fortunate we all are to be able to share wonderful days and memories with loved ones. Your day sounds perfect. Hugs, Marty