Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Night Munching....

The gorgeous hanging geraium (minus about a third---- check out the APB on Benjamin Bunny below)
Guess I'm not the only one on our farm that has a little midnight snack, huh? A wonderful friend brought Mother a gorgeous hanging ivy geranium last night at about 7:00. It stormed all night, and Mom and I were up rambling about most of the night, taking turns looking at the lightning or getting a drink.... We heard a crash on the porch about 4:00, which we now think was a hanging basket tearing out the small hook. WE were so luck because the basket fell straight down and narrowly missed the edge of the porch, which would have flipped it and broken it to bits....
But our luck didn't all turn out fantastic. When I looked out about 9 o'clock, I saw this....
I saw the little bunny sitting really close to the step, and I admit it, I called him a butt-hole... He wiggled his little nose at me and plainly told me, "I'm not a butt-hole. I'm a bunny-wabbit." Okay... he's got me there... But wow, do rabbits love geraniums or what? How can we keep them out of the patch, Mr. McGregor? Help!!!!
p.s. Just a little shout out to Lisa at Cranberry Flats. Yep... I know your little guy didn't hop nine miles down here... but you better watch yer geraniums if you know what's good for 'em. (I wouldn't have killed him either, though!)

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Allidink said...

Wow that is a crazy story! Silly bunny! He got a good meal then lol.

All the best,