Monday, June 8, 2009

Hunnewell Lake Trip

Friday was just the kind of day you'd like to forget ever happened. You know... You wake up at 4:30 a.m. and decide that since you have to get busy and so some things you'd rather not do, you just might as well quit trying to sleep, get up, and get them done. So... My mom comes out about 5:30 from her end of the house thinking she heard someone trying to get in the back door... But it's me, baking cheesecake brownies again for some company we were having later in the day... I made the brownies, set the table, drank a little diet coke and was back in bed for a couple of winks before the day started.
The whole day was simply awful. I can't pinpoint all the awfulness, but it just was. I didn't bloom where I was planted at all... let's just leave it at that. But... I finally fell into bed late, late... thinking that surely I'd better have a change of attitude for our usual Saturday trip... and Voila! It was a lovely day full of adventure.
We began in Bevier picking up groceries. I don't know what this tree is, but it is spectacular. It isn't locust, but maybe Catalpa??? I had to snap its photo before we actually began our journey.
This is an ad on the side of our grocery market. As long as anyone can remember the original Bull Durham ad was on this building. It has been repainted a couple of times because it was so dim, it was almost a memory. I watched the movie because of this sign! (well, maybe partially because of Kevin Costner, too) haha..
We traveled to Kemp's Restaurant in Clarence and then on to this greenhouse near Hunnewell. (That's pronounced Honey-well, for all you guys from away from these parts!). It's a five greenhouse affair operated by some wonderful Mennonite families. They were specialing out their plants, and we bought some magnificent hanging baskets, begonias, and petunias and geraniums, some little verbenas... Lovely... I'm snapping their little photos in the morning if the bunnies don't get them tonight.
This is actually a picture of Hunnewell Lake... a lovely picnic/fishing spot.
This is Mom's driveway. Our farmer/renter/friend had curled up the timothy hay while we were gone... Green bales are rare. They have already turned golden by today. Have a great week.


Becky K. said...

How good that a yucky day was followed by an enjoyable one.

How fun it seems your Saturday outings are.

Hope you have a delightful Tuesday.

Flat Creek Farm said...

What a fun day Saturday turned out to be! I'm from the area, and somehow I've missed that Bull Durham sign. This calls for a return trip sometime ;-)

Lisa said...

Did you happen to run into "MR. NEW LONDON" while you were there? Did you see him. You know I heard about Mr. New London for years. Years. YEARS until I found out who he was. He WASN'T Mr. New London. Not close. heeheehee. I think of that everytime I'm in the Hunnewell/New London area. Gosh how I miss those days of Mr. London and President Clinton!!!! If we could just turn back time...

Allidink said...

What a fun day you had! And you got some goodies yay! Can't wait to see the flowers :) I bet the brownies were delicious!

All the best,