Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ante and Post .... Post # 1 (and "maters")

After: (You can double click any photo if you'd like to see it better.) You can see my new light table beside the computer and right inside the front door. I hid the underneath with a beautiful green skirt I had bought from Holy Clothing. The skirt was just not right for me. It was way too long, didn't match ANYTHING due to the odd little green/blue color, and caught in my office chair rollers!!! Drat the luck. But it was far too beautiful to do away with, so I re-purposed it on top this old tobacco table. The table was bought by my great great grandmother with money she earned by planting a tobacco patch in her back yard!!! (and might I add, it looks it! haha)... I added this lovely quilted topper bought at Randolph Mercantile, a few jewelry bits, of course a candle, and the message: "Worry ends where faith begins."
The patterned fabric really catches the light... and covers a multitude of wires and computer "guts.
Yuck! BEFORE: All this was important, but actually pretty ugly... Now, how many skirts do I have? haha... Maybe one over my head like a big lampshade? Stay tuned for other before/after corners!
Just had to share also a shot of these red jewels. We have been fortunate to have a farmer's market right near here. The tomatoes are grown by Amish in a greenhouse, but they aren't "hothouse" tomatoes.. No, they are middle of summer, juice runnin' down your chin, grab your salt shaker and head to the picnic table... "maters." Hugs.. Have a great weekend.


Becky K. said...

My mouth is watering!!!! Love, love, love those fresh 'maters!!!

Still warm from the garden...with salt and fresh ground pepper....sigh...

Debby said...

WOO!!! HOO!!! Love the light and the maters look so yummy!!

Lisa said...

Very pretty. You have a knack don't you. I have to admit, those maters are mighty tasty right now!! We've had a few ourselves!!

Anonymous said...

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