Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No outdoor Memorial Day barbecue.... and why?

Thoughts of today's planned barbecue bombarded me as I scrambled out of bed this morning. We planned it later in the day, and as I looked out the window, I thought... Maybe. The skies were dark, and rain pelted the windows... Still, I held out hope. I made a giant pot of Gevalia German Chocolate Cake Coffee.... I took my minilaptop and a cup of coffee out onto the front porch... However, the driving mists and the super-chilly temps sent me scurrying back inside... Still, it was a long time until 2:30, the scheduled moment of the barbecue. My son and our guests arrived on time, and despite the looks of the day, the weather had decided to taper off. The rains were on hold a few minutes, and it seemed the perfect time for a quick gas grill rendezvous for our hot dogs and hamburgers. The buns awaited alongside the baked beans, lettuce salad, scalloped potatoes, Hello Dollies, peach pie, and all kinds of other condiments and goodies.... My son, armed with the tongs and the foil, exited the kitchen to turn on the grill. He came inside with these words: "Fire up the stove. We're cooking inside...." I figured we were out of propane, but he grabbed my camera for a shot for my blog!...... Scroll down to view what my kind-hearted son could never disturb to cook a hot dog. Some men go turkey hunting, deer hunting, even dove hunting... My family spares the tiniest of creatures if at all possible... Happy Memorable Day... Oven-roasted is the next best thing to the grill!



Becky K. said...


I guess it took a bit longer to cook but what a save.

Anonymous said...

Gerred is the greatest. The apple did not fall far.

Allidink said...

Awwwwww. How cute! That is awesome!

All the best,