Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The newbie "gardener"

For those of you who know me, this will be a surprising post. For some, it may cause you to think you don't like me. As un-American as it sounds, I don't really like to garden. There. I know. Several of you may have already clicked off this site and on to others more in tune with your deep psyches, and I understand. However... to redeem myself, take a look at my new roomies! My mother has a passionate love affair with QVC's gardening shows. Although they assured her they wouldn't dare ship a stem until our zone said it was past frost... here they are... with our weather as unstable as ever. So..... each little pot has been unpacked, trimmed, watered and welcomed by me. Some were fortunate enough to get a "grow-light" aka a Green BULB from Wal-Mart.... They seem to be doing okay. With our official frost free day about three weeks away???? who knows. But to date, we have phlox, hollyhocks, asters.... and 5 giant boxes of bulbs and tubers for day lilies, begonias, and more hollyhock.....
Each plant comes with a little note of instructions and a hopeful comment or two. I insisted we get the violas and pansies tonight because they are just so special. However, the wind is simply horrid, so I'm waiting until tomorrow night. I think pansies will stand a little cold weather.. such sweet little faces.... I love them!
My ancestral "roots" say I would be the ultimate gardener with both grandmothers and a mom who would always choose a day of planting, puttering, and weeding.... .... Perhaps I negotiated my stubborn streak as a child when my books called to me louder than the muggy weeding? Or on those interminable visits to the greenhouse that fogged such oppressive steam I thought I'd pass out... I think I might enjoy it more if I could do it in cold weather.. alas! Flora isn't a wintry gal.... We'll hope for the best.


Allidink said...

Don't worry I don't like gardening either and I live in a great state for it, year round weather is good. But no thanks I say LOL. I'm just not practical, organized, or disciplined enough to be out there tending and watering and all that gardening stuff. I like to look at other peoples gardens haha.

All the best with the plans!

Lisa said...

I love what good hard work produces, but I'm too lazy to produce good hard work. I get bored after awhile when I garden. Once they are planted I want them to take care of themselves.

But you my friend, you can converse about anything from the Bible to how to change the oil in your car. I'm sure you have some deep seeded gardner in you too!! no doubt in my mind. You'd just rather have the cababna boy do your hard work too!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like gardening either, I feel like an outcast around here!!! So many beautiful yards, full of flowers and loveliness. Ours is muy basic and all thanks to my dh. Even my houseplants look sad.

Laurie S.

Becky K. said...

How fun!

Gardening can be good for the blood pressure!

It is ok if it is not your thing...you are pretty cool anyway.

Great pics.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

It's been way too long since I've visited you!!! I bet once you start digging in the soil you will start to love gardening!!!