Friday, April 17, 2009

Hopeful Friday

"Hope is a thing with feathers.... that perches in the soul...." In honor of Cielo's Hopeful Friday, let's consider these famed lines. I agree. Birds can soar above it all... frozen lakes, hot and dry deserts, rugged terrain... and that is the very factor of hope: the ability to soar above the circumstances that threaten to deaden our daily walk. We are told in Corinthians that these three abide: faith, hope, and charity. We are told that love or charity is the greatest, and that is true, but if we don't currently feel that love (although we always can if we consider God's love for us), we can always have the hope that it is coming tomorrow... I can't live without all three... I have faith, I hope, and I love.... My gramma always said, "Live in hopes; die in despair." She meant that. Living IS hope, and despair is a kind of death. I am hopeful for many things this morning: spring's approach, the end of another school year and summer's activities, time to spend with Mom and with friends, projects to fill my days and nights, artful living to integrate, and the love of my dearest ones @ and family... I wish you all hope for Friday and forever.


Anonymous said...

This is very beautiful. I loved your post ♥ Happy Hopeful Friday!

Anonymous said...

You have such a great attitude, Gayla!

Laurie S.