Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes you feel like a wave; sometimes you don't.....

You know... it's always great when you see a friend, and you hear a big hello and see a friendly arm go up in the air... I love it when everyone waves at me from the annual parade... I enjoy the swingy feeling of my hair when the humidity is just right, and it gives me a little wave against my neck.... I think it's cool to sit beside the street outside my store and see how many people wave at me when I go back... I haven't spent much time on the beach, but I do recall the happiness a nice gentle wave brought to me when I lived in San Diego... BUT... there are certain things that shouldn't wave... and one of them is the top of the barn roof after a very windy March Madness day.... And I later discovered my roof at home was just as "friendly." We must have had a huge amount of gust.... Yuck.

Have a good week.


Lisa said...

The wind has been out of control. It's almost scary. Hope you have good insurance. Take care!!

Becky K. said...

Sorry about the waving shingles but what a very cute way to express it.

We have a bit of flashing that is overly friendly right now.

Dear hubby will have to do some climbing soon.