Saturday, March 7, 2009

Share the Road!!!

An Amish Grocery Store
This came home with me....

New Franciscan Rose. We have the old from my gramma!!! What a cute idea with the egg in the cup!!!

We all coveted this Grand little Chick Chick.....
Well, most of you are accustomed to Saturday Road Trip Photos taken when Mom and I hit the highways and fly through Amish Country or motor over to our little grocery store with the wonderful owner... Today we shared our trip with a dear friend, and we had a blast--- AGAIN!!! We told her to get here at 9:30 (which if any of you know her, we were hoping to leave at 10:30). She made it fairly on time!!! We first did the little drive through for Cheesy Tots at Burger King. Our impromptu breakfast at the lake with all my geese was a big hit... My girls were swimming in the water, so nobody got introduced properly, but it was still amazing.
On to Randolph Mercantile (My Favorite Store) Open House (see above photos!!!) and then on to lunch at Crossroads Restaurant and home via Amish Country. A couple of stops for purchasing sharp paring knives (for Mom), home made fudge (for my friend),and a quick snap of this lovely laundry on the line (for us!)... Now it's time to snuggle in and watch for the rains and windy weather on the horizon... Tomorrow I'll show you my "stash" from Randolph Mercantile!

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Allidink said...

How wonderful! I wish I could take great little adventures like that. What fun you must have. Thanks for sharing.