Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look! Look! Look WHAT I did(n't)

Mom just laughed out loud when she came out and found my Spring/Easter centerpiece on the dining room table. "Roosters don't lay eggs!" she chirped... Yeah,??? Ya know... that fact never deterred me when I planned this out! I've been thinking about this ever since I bought the wreaths for my shop and Mom bought the big "guy" for me... (She still buys me a few things as if.... I had a home to put 'em in). So, he has "settin' room" for a spell.
Lovely day... I'll post our "Saturday Day Trip" photos later on or tomorrow. The weather started out grey and boring, but it has turned into one of those Spring days that make ya proud to be a Missourian.. We have to wait for Spring, but then.... it's so worth it! (So we say to those of you fortunate souls who've had blooms for months!!!!)
Enjoy the weekend!


Allidink said...

LOL I think it looks cute! It's a great idea.

All the best,

Lisa said...

Roosters, heck on they predatory? That's why all the eggs are around. Either that or he's just a waitin' proud papa. He's gorgeous. Brent and I went to Columbia today. I was wondering what kind of outing you and your mama went on...

Cheryl B. said...

My tin rooster sits next to a egg basket full of egg candles, nestled in straw. When my 18 year old nephew pointed out that "roosters don't lay eggs", I replied, "yea, but if they did, they'd be burnable wouldn't they?" ;-p
I have 4 sons, 5 nephews, 2 brothers, a husband, 10 'part-time' sons . . . they all answered "yes" when asked :-D

TheCottageGirl said...

0OOOOOH!,I love your rooster and wish he were mine! He would look right at home with the rest of my chicken collection. The eggs too!
Don't fret, just get yourself a hen!