Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine... Valentine.... Will you be mine?

Remember my Apron Party for my cousin's 60th birthday? These are the invitations. With my latest tendencies to be all out behind on one deadline after another, this was the only thing I got out this year. My usual Valentines went the sad way of my Christmas cards. I, who adore sending cards for every occasion??? I have failed the Hallmark Standard and am now hoping for some sprightly leprechauns to redeem me... or at least a fat sassy bunny for Easter???? Cross your fingers for me. These cards are really kind of cute. I found a wonderful vintage apron pattern that looked well worn on the corners, and I scanned it... "Let's tie on one" is the theme... Double-click photo if you want to see them close up... Stay tuned for tablescape and favors and shots of the big day. It's a week from Saturday.
Valentine's Day approacheth, and these solitary shots are a soulful reminder that not all of us are with our sweethearts this Valentine's Day... Whether miles or time or something still and silent separate us from the ones we love, we still devote the day to Romance, to Love, and to Remembrance. My earliest Valentine's Days were peopled by my grandparents and my mom and dad. Pink iced sugar cookies with red hots... That is the ultimate taste of the day. Gramma even mailed me a few boxes of those during my college dorm days..... wax paper layers, a few more crumbs than perfect hearts, even then... haha... Preview of coming attractions?

I have happy memories of creating Valentine boxes in grade school. Perhaps mine didn't win very often, but it was great to get that thin "You are a 'shoe'in' for my Valen-time... with the big shoe and a clock????" I always hoped to find one with that masculine writing from the "one" at school. I was not one of those girls who had a boyfriend... not until high school... but that didn't stop me from having the horrid crush or two. Broken arm in the morning of my seventh grade year? No problem. I stayed all day not to miss the Valentine Party... Afraid I'm not that brave (or was it silly?) any more.
This year I had a wonderful box from my knight in shining armor who dwells in castles far away... A book of Mary Engelbreit projects, near and dear to my heart.... Lovely ideas, delicious photos.... the perfect present.
I once caused a huge wreck on Valentine's Day. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the highway was closed for two hours. My car had stalled beside the road, and I'd hitch-hiked on to school. My dad later saw the car and slowed down to check on what he knew to be my car, thinking he'd come to my rescue... Behind him a semi truck couldn't stop on the snowy roads and jack-knifed, overturned... and the road was closed...
This year I am glad I did not make the same mistake as last year. I didn't overload on all the lifestyle shows that featured "THE BIG DAY." Perhaps that's why I missed the card rack at the store, as well... I do, however, plan to visit Cindy's Romantic Home and check out all the Valentine Centerpieces.... They are fantastic. Happy Friday....

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