Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's official... She flu the coop!

Uh. Yeah... I stayed home. Slept until 11:30 when my mother called me from upstairs and imparted this little gem of wisdom she learned from HER mother: "You have to get up and walk around to see if you are really sick or not." Uh... right. I just love that philosophy don't you?
But she makes a mean little sloppy joe/baked potato/green bean get-well supper, so I guess all is well.
And... I was able to watch 11 or 12 episodes of Season 3.... Yeah, I bought the Barbie Dream Set. I just couldn't be at the mercy of Netflix for any more of it, plus I know I'll watch this all again when I'm done. I think I feel well enough to go to school if I'm armed with Tylenol and cough drops and happy little lesson plans.... I got a couple of email messages that my kids missed me.... I was surprised but happy to hear from them...
Have a fun day.