Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Seeing double .... again!

Photo of the famous poster in Country Woman magazine, "You been farming long."

Okay, so most of you know I recently had eye surgeries to fix my multiple vision problems. I'm here to tell you that TODAY I had double trouble again.... but thankfully, NOT due to vision. Due, I guess rather to uh... brain malfunction? I teach high school English, and one of my students informed me there was an inappropriate message left on one of my bookreading blogger's logs... It wasn't actually left by my blogger, but since he forgot to sign out, some jokester decided to add something a bit embarrasing and untrue. I needed "Donny" to come in and give me his password. I saw him in the hall and requested he come into my room.

"I'm not Donny. I'm his twin brother, Danny, " drawled the ninth grader, eyes alight with fire and fun.

"Right. Get in here." I was not about to take that kind of joke on this subject. "You aren't in trouble yet, but you will be soon if we don't get this all straightened out."

"Sorry. Cain't." He grinned even bigger. "I ain't Donny, I told ya." BIG giggle.

Well, my freshman class had only about 14 boys, and I was pretty sure since I had them in class, I would have noticed another set of twins in there. There is one already!! "Stop fooling around and teasing me and put your password in."

"I sure would if I could. You'll have to ask my twin."

Okay, I thought of it. "Where is your twin right now?"

"In the art room." he laughed great big.

"Okay, go get him and both of you stand here side by side, and I'll owe one of you an apology." I said with the wisdom of Solomon.

He vanished only to return alone. He was really laughing at this point. "Mrs. W. won't let him come." He twinkled that cherub face framed with golden curls, and the solitary diamond stud glittered in his ear. I knew I had him...

"Okay, buddy. I know you are teasing me, and I'm pretty gullible, but enough's enough. I think I'd know if you had a twin," I was feeling pretty got-cha right then.

"Yep. I think I'd know if I had a brother." The boy laughed like his dad (who was a former student of mine, and I should have kept up with but I hadn't.)

"Where are YOU supposed to be if your "twin" is in art?" I was into interrogation now.

"8th grade."

"Aha... I suppose you are telling me that one of you is a freshman, and the other one in 8th grade?" I was absolutely sitting pretty at that time.

"Yeah. I failed 5th grade and got held back." He looked down, and I began to feel like a giant ... uh, you know ..... I excused myself and went sliding across the hall to the art room to see for myself. Yep. There WAS another one of those boys sitting right there... grinning, ear ring twinkling... yep.

I just wrote "Danny" a pass to his EIGHTH grade teacher with one word for the excuse... "Confusion." I'm pretty sure Danny AND Donny are laughing still.... Double-d -----over.


Becca Watson said...

Gotta love twins and their shenanigans! My sister and I would trade places when we were little, of course it was pretty easy to tell us apart.. her being deaf and all..

Lisa said...

Only YOU could get yourself in a mess like that. What a hoot!!!

Becky K. said...

What a story! Oh my!

You did scare me though...I was all ready to worry about your eyes.