Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No better place... or a retake on the "good news/ bad news" jokes from our childhood.

The moon is nearly full! ----- That's good news!
It's 17 below zero windchill! -- That's bad news!

But my car started this morning! -- That's good news.

Ah, but it pooped out this afternoon, and the starter went out. -- That's bad news!
But... the car quit me IN THE DRIVEWAY of my auto repairman (who also sells gasoline!) ----- NOW, THAT's GREAT NEWS.


Peggy. said...

It's 1 degrees right now and very windy. I'm not sure what the wind chill is.
I can relate with you staying with your mom...I stay there at least a couple of days a week taking turns with siblings and the older grandkids.
Try to stay warm.

Lisa said...

Oh Gayla. Don't you hate that!! Was it the starter or something else. Don't forget to put some heet in your gas the next time you fill up too. I always forget to do that! Hopefully today will be better!!

Lisa said...

Good grief Gayla, did you read all those books on winter break? How was the Kite Runner? I'm reading the Ice Queen now by Alice Hoffman. So far so good.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I was wondering how cars can even start in that cold! I don't think my car would! I had to replace my starter recently too! Stay warm!

Lisa said...

Thanks for leaving that comment on my post about kitties allowing you to watch them bathe. For some reason that made my day. I needed something heartwarming and that did the trick!! I've spent a lot of time with Reynaldo this week and am figuring out just how unique cats really are. There really is something mystic abou them isn't there? I just can't explain how I know. I just know. You know?

delighted heart said...

Hi Gayla! Thanks for stopping by...I would love to send you a cd. Here's my email . Send me your address and I will send you one. We may have it up on our church website tomorrow that can be downloaded..I'll let you know. I am so sorry about your dad. Mine went home 22 years ago and my mom joined him 2 years ago. I know about taking care of moms. I never actually moved in but I can relate. They are so grieved when they loose a mate and hurting people hurt others. They say things they really don't mean and have a tendency to be negative. We coined a phrase for it...the meme syndrome. :-) I'm praying God's grace and peace and love to get you through this season of life. He is able to do exceedingly more than we can ask or think! Filling your spirit with positive encouragement I'm sure will help.
I love the photos and the story of the golden windows. I don't see how you managed to do all that pic taking while driving! LOL You are good! I'll be praying for you....
Our church website is

Julie said...

I am glad that you started and ended with good news!...and BRRRRRR - that is too cold for me!