Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Apron Party

I'm having an apron party for my cousin's 60th birthday... Here's a sneak peek at the invitation cover... She knows about the party, but not the theme or the guest list.... We share a grandmother who was quite the seamstress, an apron queen, a homemaker, crochet artist, and all-round jewel. Here's the apron I purchased on EBAY. I'm having little favors of aprons tied on either beverage or lovely dishsoaps... and some tags, frills, and other vintagey little touches. All this at the end of February. I bought her a copy of Apronology magazine from Stampington... Wow! Amazing talent displayed in that magazine. Some of the aprons are sweet, and some are rockin' out!!!! Leather and lace. I know she'll be happy with it all. She's one of the kindest souls on the face of the earth. I can't wait!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I just discovered your blog this morning (I dont blog myself) Hope you dont mind me popping in to read yours because its simply wonderful! I've been sitting here for quite some time now reading through and thoroughly enjoying reading about your daily life. I commend you for moving in with your Mom. You have a good heart...I am so enjoying reading about all your celebrations, luncheons, etc and the pictures are wonderful. I think the apron party for your cousins 60th is absolutely a fantastic idea! Cant wait to read/see the results!! (I happen to love aprons)

Thank you for letting us feel a part of your daily routine.

Cheryl from Canada

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Fantastic idea for a party theme. The book looks very interesting. I know that my grandmother wore an apron to keep her clothes clean, and I have done the same, but this puts aprons in another light. Aprons as accessories or fashion statements. Cool!
♥, Susan

Charli and me said...

What a great idea! I really like the invitation. I hope you will post some pictures after the party.