Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tags and Tassles

These merry Santas cuddle on our mantel this year atop a cheerful embroidered runner that my mother stitched when I was about four years old! (about thirty years ago--------. hahahahaha.... uh, try fifty! ) I would still like to weave a pretty garland through them or stick in some greenery, but the days are too full. This year seems like another one that goes by too fast. I have so much to accomplish in so little time. Mom thinks of soooo many little jobs for me. I was thinking today that a person is full of energy when they plan to do things, but when others plan their deeds, the energy taps out faster... Her needs are slight, and I should do much more than I do... But it just kind of sneaks the wind out of the sails at times....

Blustery wind tonight echoes and kind of flaps through the windows... I think it's gonna be a cold one! Winter's unpredictable weather has always thrilled me, and I take a beating on that. My friends love to complain about the cold weather. I might grumble a bit in late January when it feels like we'll NEVER see spring again, but so far, it hasn't been long enough since those higher than 100 degree summer days. Now, I have to struggle to be nice on those.. I despise and abhor hot weather so much that I usually don't rat too much on snow... I love snow. I always pray for safe journeys for everyone and the families... I'm not a big fan of travel in cold weather, rather of snuggling down with a nice cuppa tea and enjoying the look out the window... If I post again tonight, it will be a shot of what we're making for our neighbors instead of the usual plate of holiday baked goods. Stay tuned.
I made these place tags for my friend Marguerite. She was having an altar society dinner, and she used them to tie on huge bows around her napkins at the table... I know her pretty dining table looked fantastic.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What beautiful tags you made for your friend...hugs...m..

GardenGoose said...

Hi Gayla!
wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a lovely Christmas.
and to also let you know about my new blog:
(I still have my gardengoose blog..this new one is simply geared totally towards gardening)
and wanted to invite you to the Small Town Living forums in case you haven't been by:
have a great week!