Friday, November 14, 2008

Impending cold front

Well, my son returns on Sunday. He has been in sunny California all week while we have seen our temps dip down into the low thirties and maybe the twenties by tomorrow night. A cold drizzle ices the windows of the car, and the wind plays its tune on our iron wind chimes outside. These shots were only a week ago, but the landscape is much more barren now. I snapped them before MAGNANIMOUSLY loaning my precious camera to my son for his trip.... Mothers never learn. This it the third, THIRD... digital camera I have let him borrow. They never return. and I suspect if they do, they don't work. I'll hope this one is different.
I am off to school, and the western sky looks perilously like a storm a brewing. Don't you love weather? I do...
How could one little fifteen mile drive provide so much variety? We are waiting patiently in line at Mickey D's here... So for Hopeful Friday... we see ourselves enjoying what winter brings... snuggly warm fleece blankets, delicious soups, steaming cups of apricot tea... Shut out eyes and our ears, our senses if we could to all the clamour of Wall Street and the rest of the madness.... Do what we can and can what we do... My Gramma's saying again... and whatever that meant... Have a lovely weekend.

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Lisa said...

Great pictures. You need to email me about the kind of camera you have. Then if Gerred loses yours, you can borrow mine. heehee. Have you heard from him? I got a camera today from ebay. Just like the one ReyRey kicked in the trash. I hope it works. The guy I bought it from sounds like he's a little mental. He told me 3 lies, but I did finally get the camera after 3 weeks. love ya,lisa d.