Sunday, November 16, 2008

Firestorm LA

Just a shot of the sky during the Firestorm that is encircling Los Angeles. I feel so sad for all those who are in danger, who have lost their homes and businesses and schools.

The little red dot is the sun. Those aren't clouds, I guess. That is smoke. The camera smells of smoke.... What a disaster.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am praing for everyone...m..

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have a free afternoon, and decided to read some of the blogs I keep bookmarked. I haven't visited yours in quite some time, because of various reasons, but I enjoy reading it very much...Anyway,just went back through & read your Sat. Sept.20th, what a hoot! Guess it struck a cord with me as I also graduated in '72, and turn 54 tomorrow. I wonder how the heck did I come to be 54, and wasn't it just yesterday I turned 40? But no, these years have been tough ones really, guess I am just blocking them out. Sorry this is a long reponse, I think you are a very cool person, and that's not something I say often. Thanks for a great blog. Suzanne class of '72,LaurelHighlands HS, Uniontown, PA.