Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Book Tag...

Seven random or weird facts about books... from my dear friend Lisa (who reviled me just a little for making her read "To Kill a Mockingbird." ah... yeah, I guess I did...) Okay, my facts:

1. I went to a one room school house, and I had read every single book in its library by the sixth grade... There I met Gene Stratton Porter books, Girl of the Limberlost... all the Nancy Drews and Bobsey Twins... Call of the Wilds.... all the boy books,little kid books, Sacajawea (I read it but still can't spell it)... We went with Hannibal... It was heaven. I think I read so many because the bookshelf went clear to the ceiling and we got to crawl way up high and look for them... Heaven!

2. Last year I read PILLARS OF THE EARTH. It had been a long time since I got so into any book. I had to have my students take it to the car because I couldn't quit sneaking into it during class. It's that good.

3. I was 40 before I'd even heard of THE LITTLE PRINCE. My sweetie introduced it to me, and I fell hopelessly in love with it. I have taught it twice, but I won't teach it unless I believe the class to be kindred souls to it... I won't' put the Rose and the little fox through that.

4. When I was seven, I stole JANE EYRE from my mom's bookshelf. She forbid me to read it because I was too little. Well, I had a little 1/2 watt night light from our electric company that I plugged in underneath my big iron bed that had the lion's head in the middle... In the wee hours of the night you could find me scrooched under the bed reading by that night light... and when I came to the chapter where Mrs. Poole escapes from the attic and tears Jane's wedding dress... I just about peed my pants, and I lay there all night too afraid to crawl out from the protection of my bed and too afraid of my mom to call her for help... It was probably my first (not my last) quandary.

5. I always have about five or six books running at one time. I like to read some and then go on to another for a bit... It is because books are my friends and I enjoy visiting friends, seeing others, coming back... I have been known to NEVER read last chapters or slow to a snail's pace if they are good.. I hate to say goodbye... and I love to underline and write comments. Then I have to be careful who borrows my books... I would hate to bare my soul to just anybody.

6. When I was married to my first husband, we didn't move my books. About two a.m. I woke him up after about three weeks of marriage and made him bring me home to get a couple boxes of books. My mom, my dad, and especially my husband.... simply did NOT understand what was possibly so urgent that I couldn't live until the next day.. I just didn't think I could.

7. One of the worst financial disasters of my life happened when I discovered a person can shop at all hours for Amazon books. Then came Prime membership with 24 hour delivery. Then came the Kindle with 60 second delivery. I'm doomed. Thank goodness for eye surgery next Wednesday!

Now... I will do my tagging in a bit, but if you would like to be tagged, I would love to do so... leave me a comment, and you'll be IT for sure... Hugs to all.. Thanks, Lisa... And posthumously on behalf of Mrs. N.... we teachers are sorry we have ever stifled a child... and we know we've all done it... although you, my dear... were and are a gem.


Lisa said...

oooooo, I feel bad. I shoulda left her name off. I certainly didn't mean to offend any teacher. Just the mean ones. I loved your post. Especially stealing Jane Eyre. I bet you did about pee your pants. Does your mom know this story?

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy Thanksgiving...m..

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

What a fun post! I can just see you sneaking with Jane Eyre, too cute!


Becky K. said...

I loved the Girl of the Limberlost. Chelsea can't quite get into it yet.

This was fun!

I used to read all of those authors too. I would read Nancy Drew deep into the night and then stay awake scared...

Becky K.