Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Sunscapes

We have had tons of rain in the Midwest this summer, and all this water has made our lakes deep and our grasses lush... Mom and I took a drive to see the nearby lake. We discovered the water up to the top of the beach. In fact, there is no beach at all...Usually there's a walkway to the marina... not today!

But the real show was in our driveway when we got home... Coming around the corner of our gravel road the sunset's colors were painted navy and pink.... I began to fumble for my camera.... My mother hates the sunet, and I love it.. Evidently her mom used to make her cry, saying, "Look at that sunset. You'll never see today again..." or something equally dismal... I dunno... That's not the gramma I knew.. I think sometimes people are more relaxed and not as unusual as grandparents as they were as parents.... I may never know or then again I may... One of my dear friends just had grandbaby number five.... lucky girl! She makes a fabulous "Nana" and her grandchildren are adorable...

We dec orated a bit more for fall here today... Stay tuned for some more shots of all our goodies... I do love that autumn.... Hugs.. Have a good week.

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belladella said...

Beatiful sunset photo. I love that time of day! Love it. Those colors are amazing. Have a great Monday.