Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthdays & Bloggy See, Bloggy Do!

Well, 27 years ago yesterday was probably the single best beginning of my life... My son was born, and my little heart has never been the same. He's apparently all grown up, but isn't it so strangely sweet we never see them any older inside? He's still that cute little cherub with the dusty tennis shoes and the red "worker" hat and stubborn streak that is both good.... and maybe bad at times. We celebrated with friends at the Pizza Hut and then later here for gifts. I had some computer-y things for him I'd actually picked out, which seemed a big hit: a gaming keyboard and mosue, and some calendars, books, cologne... a treadmill from both of us at his request... I wrapped his gifts in pages from an antique dictionary and made huge bows from tissue paper. I unfortunately didn't get a great shot of just how cute they were.
I snapped a wild picture of his cake right before cutting, and he screamed, "Wait! Put the little candle back on for your blog!" How amazing.... My son, who can't remember to unpack a dishwasher to save his life... remembered my blog... So=====

Here's the little candle. Mom got it at Walmart. We didn't decorate. Just a bit lazy on my part!And finally, the true bloggy see, bloggy do. I have eyed the silhouette cutter for a few weeks and finally bought it, installed it, and am starting to learn the intricacies of cutting... Here are my first two endeavors... I learned a lot, and plan to use it a lot more.

Saturday is speeding by and I'm headed to the shop, eventually... Better get a move on. It's almost two o'clock.


Lisa said...

Tell Mr. G. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me please. I cannot believe he is 27. I remember when you sent me a picture of the two of you when I was in college. I still have that picture, it's one of my favorites. In fact, I think I will get it out and frame it. I'm all about pictures these days. Happy Finally Fall!! Even though not officially.

GardenGoose said...

a Happy Birthday to your son!
hey..stop by..I have a little blogging award waiting for you.
hugs, Tina

Tyler said...

Looks like you all had a most wonderful time.. Happy belated birthday to the G-Man ~smiles

Anonymous said...

Hi, I happened upon your blog this evening. Your post was fun to read. I loved that picture of the barn your dad built. I will stop back again soon.