Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, it's cousins night .... again!

Finally! I wrote last summer about our Cousins Nights. Four of us get together usually every three months for dinner and a chick flick. Tonight we went to our favorite Chinese Buffet and then treated ourselves to a little ABBA festival with Mama Mia. Funny.... a little racy, kind of odd to see all these stars belting out ABBA tunes, but we laughed and laughed. IF you are an ABBA fan, IF you like to see middle agers take center stage... IF you like to laugh at a musical... go see this show. It's very much a musical in the "marketplace breaks into song" fashion.

AS for the cousins... we enjoyed it so much. Our movies have marked the years: The Devil Wears Prada, No Reservations, Divine Secets of the Ya Ya, Music and Lyrics, Space Cowboys, one Cameron Diaz one we KNOW we were too old to see... and another one we weren't: In Her Shoes... We know how to pick em... and we laugh and we hug each other and bring silly little gifts if we want. We smile and know in our hearts that our grandmother (Ma) is spinning with pure joy to see us all together like this once again. One of us giggles like her, and another one bakes. One has her hairline, and we all resonate with her strong and good spirit.... even when we slip a little~ If you call your cousins and plan a night, get ready for that smile that warms you with memories you can't and don't want to forget. Oh, yes it's Cousins Night... What a sight! Hugs to all. (pictures tomorrow of my little gifts I took.)

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