Friday, July 11, 2008

Rainy days and Fridays....

Wow.... dark, rainy.... a perfect day to crawl back into bed. But I have my laundry in and have committed to the day, so I guess I'll keep it up a while... Although a nap would be scrumptious, and I certainly would have one if I lived at home. Now, that's a comment for you... Isn't it a shame, at any age, but especially at 54, NOT to LIVE at HOME? Isn't home synonymous with "where you live"?

Well, our "front yard" of wheat has been cut and sent off to make Henny Penny's bread, I think. Stark buttery yellow stubble replaces the waving grain heads, and today the rain drinks into the ground as if we hadn't had a record-breaking spring rainfall total.

The final shot here is kind of a "bad news" shot. My big geranium has been vandalized by a gigantic bunny. Mom had trouble with rabbits eating her little plants on the front porch. Once she looked out and saw three big fat happy ones up there munching away... three steps high! And one day it took only forty five minutes to lose a whole trip to the green house... So she had my cousin red pepper her plants. So far, the bunnies have left hers alone, but I personally think one with a big hot mouth came right down to my door and gobbled my geranium just for spite... My personal preference would be silk in this case. I know when to holler "Uncle," and this is when.

Please forgive me for deleting all your posts last time. I have had such trouble lately with spam type posts from Canadian Pharmacies, Tech Assistance places, and other nonsense... I thought I was deleting theirs, but I ended up deleting all yours, too... Do any of you have any suggestions for why my blog is suddenly plagued with that kind of note?

Going to the shop today. This is the llong overdue date to get excited over there and make it look like it used to. ????? Maybe some shots to follow of the "new and improved" look! Have a great weekend.


Peggy said...

I get the spam comments too so went to moderating comments so they won't publish till I approve and the spam was cut back 90%

Becky K. said...

I have had the same experience as Peggy. Moderation has been great and I was able to get rid of the word identification. Even if there were to be a rude person, I could delete the comment without it getting on the blog. There has been virtually nothing since I added moderation.

I have given you an award. Check my blog for the details.

Becky K.

BittersweetPunkin said...

Sorry the bunnies got to you...and the spammers...aren't they nasty? I have a spamblocker bug on my blog and I always close the comments on my past posts...this helps a LOT.