Monday, July 28, 2008

photo by Nealato by Coolville on Flickr

It's nights like this that make me realize what we all need is a trip to the Drive In Movie. But we can't.... This beauty was destroyed by a tornado a couple of years ago.... Anybody who's ever been through Macon could see the Drive-In, located right on the highway... but only those of you who've grown up with one know how deeply missed this old screen may be.
Look back at our childhood. We came with our parents. I sure did. Mom and Dad brought me in the '55 turquoise and white BelAir. And later I was thrilled to be in the back of a white Chevy wagon backed up to the screen while we all sat on the tailgate, giant pickle in hand for me, hot dogs for Mom and Daddy. I think everyone had a favorite treat. The proprietors hand made ice cream sandwiches, and there was a dry quality to the relish that to this day sends me to a pad of paper towels to blot my green relish before sprinkling it on a roasted hot dog.
Later this Drive In hosted our Prom, many many dates.... cool evenings with family, and perhaps the biggest treat of all, sharing it with my little boy, eager to play on the insanely creaky merry go round in the back and begging for time between the double feature. I shared the Drive In with someone special who hadn't been to an outdoor movie in years... I was fortunate to have a year's free passes two seasons straight.
Tonight finds me watching TNT movies I've Tivo'd, and the thunderstorms once again pound down the 63 corridor from the North. Weatherbug is chirping until probably six a.m.... If I only had a famous Buttercup popcorn... What is it? Well, it's buttercup.... popcorn. Add sweet, creamed butter to hot popped corn. Mix it up, wrap it up. Buttercup is born. It's delicious, it's nutritious. It's a taste delight. You'll enjoy it. Butter crunchy.... That's for the Locals... You all know the tune, and you could all sing it in your sleep... along with the little buzzy mosquito ad for that little coil you burn.... What was that name?
Have a good week, all... See you at the drive in.


GardenGoose said...

I remember going to the drive in with my folks one time..I think back then it was to see The Ten Commandments or something like that on the big screen....I hope that the big screen in your town can be rebuilt.
hopefully someone there will deem it a good remembrance of the past and worthy of being rebuilt.

Lisa said...

I'm so spoiled. I remember going with mom and dad when I was little. Of course, all I wanted to do was play on the merry go round. They wanted to watch the movie. So I opened the car door, fell out practically on my head, hitting it on the doorframe. I still have a little scar on my chin from it. I must've ruined their whole lives back then!!!