Thursday, July 3, 2008

Okay.... where have I been?

Birthday Bash!

My little plates from Randolph Mercantile... Love those crows!
Can you believe this bag from my mom!!!! Love it!

Well, my mother and I share June 29th as our birthday, and this year we were just ever the party girls! We began on the 25th with an impromptu visit from a dear friend. Then my cousins brought us a surprise breakfast with an oreo cake on Thursday, and I went on a long car ride that afternoon to catch up on all the chat with my cousin... Hugs to them. Then my dear friend took Mother and me to lunch on Friday, and another wonderful, beloved friend visited us on Saturday morning.. My son whisked over on Sunday for Taco Salad, and he surprisedus both with such huge over the top gifts like we'venever seen before. He gave me the big flat screen tv and the DVD player, and he gave Mom a wicker love seat, two chairs and a coffee table for the porch... (We are fixing up the porch for a photo shoot later I hope.)
So.... what a wonderful week.... Those of you who know me well know I mean the wonderful part was seeing all these special, dear friends and family members... (The gifts were wowzee, too...) but the icing on the cake is the love I feel for those near and dear and far away... I am blessed with friends on both coasts... Dear cousins in California, and a special one in Pennsylvania..... Another in Florida.... more in Texas..... a candle making friend in Ohio.... and some sweethearts I've never met who live overseas... Take care and thanks for all the wishes on my last post. You guys are terrific...


Anonymous said...

Those presents look wonderful..and that Oreo cake makes me so hungry.. yum :) Looks like you had a cock-a-doodly-doo good birthday~~

BittersweetPunkin said...

I LOVE those crows too~! VERY NICE!

Lisa said...

I love that purse! Everything else is great, but that purse. Wow, she did good didn't she? I hope you had a great day!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So glad you both had special birthdays! Twyla

Susie Q said...

Wow! Your gifts are amazing! I think that son of yours is a major keeper! *smile*
Sounds like very special birthdays for you both.
Happy, happy birthday!