Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Went to a Garden Party.....

What a tradition... I attended an "opening of the garden" party again this year at my friend's home in Bevier... She has an absolutely adorable little secluded garden and she carries out a tradition of opening it with a lovely luncheon and closing it with another. This year has been plagued with incredibly bad weather, and the day she had her little gala affair the weather was just as "iffy" as it could be. Most of the group spent the day on her new porch in the front, but I sent a camera with a lovely young thing to be sure I got pictures of all the special garden nooks... I think my favorite time in a garden such as this would be early spring, late in the evenings, and in the fall. Her closing party is usually punctuated with some kind of wonderful soup. Her guests have been known to huddle around a little fire pit or to cuddle underneath an umbrella as the weather dictates, but it is such a sweet tradition. Her table, which I forgot to photograph, was decked out with lovely garden plates, grape dessert/salad plates, and vino grape napkins. We had home made rolls, chicken salad on Bibb lettuce, melon salad, cheese ball and crackers, Mandarin orange cake, and Red Devil's Food double chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing piped on top....It was a true garden theme throughout. Me? My green? thumb???? Uh... well, I have silks still stuck in the pots outside Mom's door. She planted many flowers, and I have watched the rabbits creep about in the evening, and I've known they were the ones who evidently follow her around and nibble off the petunias and tomato plants at the ground. Bad rabbits. Even on her porch with three steps. How rude! Mr. MacGregor is sorely needed around here. Enjoy your blessed Sunday. Happy Father's Day. Make or keep a memory close in your heart.

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