Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Oh, dear! Oh, dear!

These invitations have hit the mail and been received we hear. I am so very extremely far behind on everything. In the next week my list looks like this:
six days of school,
mid-term parent reports,
grade exams and research papers for mid terms,
make yearly program books for club type and bind,
refreshments, shop and make,
make favors
set table
clean house
run sweeper
make centerpiece
set up Shirley Temple memorabilia table
write and practice presentation
fix up little garden area by front door---looking so shabby
take Mom to hairdresser
Sorority Founder's Day banquet
uh... I' m sure that's not all... but you get the idea.

And through it all, I'd just love to curl up with a good book or even without and take a nap while the rain pelts the windows... After the sixteenth, that's number one on my list. Have a good week.


Mary Isabella said...

Wow you sound so busy. Please take some time for you.... Have a beautiful tomorrow

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Too much to do...Hang in there. Susan


Goodness - that's quite a list! Hope you squeeze some "me time" into that list!


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Wow, good luck on crossing each item off that list.



Becky K. said...

Yep, you have a busy week in the works.

Just think, sweet book and bubble bath when the work is done...

Becky K.

The Liberty Belle said...

Wishing you long peaceful naps and blessings!

City Mouse said...

As someone who has been known to dress his dog up upon occasion - I'm so happy to have found your blog through Peggy at Hidden Haven! Just wanted to say I enjoy your writing and the post topics you choose. And I especially love the Enya. It seriously reminded my I want to buy an Enya CD. Off to download!