Sunday, March 16, 2008

St Patrick Cards

My St. Patty's Cards and Gifts for Today's Lunch.. created for my sweeties....


Mom and I watch Martha Stewart almost every night. I TIVO it. This week she's been plugging her new cookbook about Cookies... So I ordered it on Amazon for Mom. It should be here by Tuesday... We have cookies today, so we should be able to hold out! Wink!

My son's card has a twenty folded like a t shirt... He's always doing laundry, and one of my students showed me this method of folding money. It's on I thought it was the best kind of green shirt for the computer guy!



Anita said...


Do you happen to be a French teacher? I was aFrench teacher previously and I have just dozens of posters I would like to give away to someone- let me know if you are interested in any!



Anonymous said...

Do you have your little pixies out too? I love those!! This is your holiday isn't it? love you...casablancalily