Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Party

Had a little soiree for a friend this weekend. Just a bowl of my vegetable soup I call "Midsummer Vegetable Garden Soup" and a loaded salad. Tried this new dressing from, and it is fabulous. Peach Pecan viniagrette. To. Die. For. I kind of liked it mixed with a Goddess dressing I'm selling at my store. (Mom personally thought I was being prejudiced for my store!) Then repeated the menu plus home made chicken strips for my son today. After that he moved furniture (AGAIN) for me in my room at Mom's. Also I took a little trip to my home to see his accomplishments in furniture moving, too. My son, the computer techie, has created a room that looks like the ones computer geeks have in the movies. It has two computers, two screens, two LARGE tvs... chairs lined up liike movies, desks spanning around the corners.... rows of programs, DVD's, etc.... Wires... speakers, surround sound. I guess that's one way not to be homesick, huh? Each time I go there it looks less like I ever lived there... My brain seems to be dysfunctioning and I have trouble remembering living there... I don't feel exactly like I live here either! eeek... I always thought the tale of that Man without a country was kind of sad.... now I REALLY do.

Stay tuned for some photos of this new furniture/stuff scramble here in my room. Well, I need to get some work done and put my grades on the computer. The grade sheets are due first thing in the morning... I cannot believe that third quarter is over. Fast year in some ways, and slow moving snail in others.

Have a great week.


Stephanie said...

That salad looks so good! What is in there? That looks like a must have recipe! I didnt know that Paula was marketing dressings? I will have to try it out!
Have a good one,

Becky K. said...

What a beautiful table...and I agree with Stephanie that the salad looks gorgeous! Then the strawberries add such a summery feel to the table, too.

Blessings on your day and your continuing adjustments.

Becky K.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Oh, your little afternoon affair looks wonderful. You forgot one thing though, to invite ME LOL.

Looks like a good time with good food.



Mary Isabella said...

You have made me want some soup and salad LOL...

GardenGoose said...

looks like a yummy Spring party.

CIELO said...

Yummy, a want some of those

Beautiful table!

Have a perfect night, sweety!