Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, Sunday dawns again. A few weeks back I did this post about giving a little more care to my frumpiness... Uh, maybe that lasted two weeks. maybe not. But last night, after tossing and turning for the majority of the night, getting up for tylenol and a chicken sandwich (!) who ever thought that was a good idea? and basically being a dissatisfied camper for the past week or so, I got a message in a dream. First I dreamed it was 115 degrees at night and I couldn't find the air conditioner at Mother's. That was the nightmare portion beginning (or the midlife flash part???) and right then I dreamed my wonderful son informed me I needed the tweezers all down the side of my neck (which isn't true! I checked when I woke up !) You know, my life is basically kind of blah right now. Kind of crappy actually unless I put on the Pollyanna thing as I always do... You might think I could at least dream about Gabriel Byrnne or Antonio Banderras.... not tweezers and teeth whiteners, which was the next dream-state revelation of my son... "Mom, your teeth are really brown," his sweet voice informed me in the middle of my slumber. I vowed to get with it... in my dream, and then when I popped open my eyes, I thought.. Why not? Although I'm not turning into a werewolf along my neck, and my teeth aren't exactly what I'd call brown, I am kinda shaggy and scrungy. In reality, my son would NEVER be rude (or honest) with me like that. I also dreamed a bunch of other nonsense. It really ticks me off to dream stupid stuff. I love dreaming, and I consider it a gift from God--- usually.
Today's tasks include getting lunch for my son and mother: Hamburger/tator tot casserole, Italian Salad, jell-o and bananas, rolls, asparagus, and coconut cream pie. Yep. That's sounding pretty good about now.
We have three jobs for the day: Washing curtains and windows in Mom's bedroom, washing curtains and windows in kitchen, and watching Bee Movie. Guess which ones will be more fun? haha..
Have a good and blessed Sunday. I have started on a wonderful bible study by Beth Moore called, A Woman's Heart. You can download the video sessions for 5.00 each. What a blessing. I put them on my little ZUNE (which is a type of IPOD thing) and can take her to bed with me. I hooked it up to my stereo and can listen at night to review. That should make for better dreams! Amen?


Julie said...

I love reading your posts. You are honest and real...good for you.

Now just a suggestion. I just hit my 46th birthday - I affectionelty call myself 30-16 just because it sounds so much better than 46! I struggle with my age daily. I don't feel 46. I don't think I look 46 (but that may just be my poor eyesight!) and I certainly don't want to feel or look 46. I am one of the rare birds who believes that modest plastic surgery is not a crime against nature. Anything from going and getting your teeth done - just for the a face long as the end results do not land you into the Joan Rivers catagory! ha ha

Self care should be more of a priority for us as well. I just think as women, we tend to place ourselves last...and it is not always the honorable thing to do. Eat better, get a bit more exercise (although your schedule does sound quite active!), get a massage, etc.

I have not had plastic surgery..unless you count the fact that I had a crescent shaped scar removed from my cheek when I was 6.(a freak swingset accident)...but I am fairly certain that it is something I will consider in a few years. I just feel like my aging body makes me look like what I am not...circles under my eyes make me look tired when I am not, certian lines on my face (from when I squint) make me look angry..when I am not!

Maybe your body is trying to tell your mind something. I don't know you personally and I certainly pray that I have not said anything that may hurt your feelings, because that is not my intention. ...but just maybe, it IS time to do something extra for your body and soul.

Enjoy your day!
PS - the Bee movie is cute. I watched it a few days ago.

Lisa said...

I think it's the time of year or the weird weather we've been having. I've been having weird dreams too. NOT to mention the dumb bunny across the street who need to put a muffler on his car. I've had enough! I thought a heliocopter was landing in the front yard at 2am Monday morning. Dunno my dear. There should be some magical potion or lotion we could pour on ourselves, but then would we be happy? I'd still complain about something, I always do. Ha. To reach Maslow's level of self actualization must be a wonderful thing. We know what we need to do and people love to tell us what to do because they think we just don't get it. But we do don't we? I adore you my friend, you're the best.