Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope all of you had a beautiful day. Did anyone else have snow? It was only a flurry, and so pretty... kind of cold for all the little skeeter egg hunters, though. Our dinner was so much fun with family and two dear friends. Had lots of neat new foods. I made an awesome recipe carrot cake called Sam's Carrot Cake from and a new spring pea casserole from the Paula Deen magazine. Had chex and white chocolate pretzel mix, dipped strawberries, Oriental Coleslaw, baked beans, relishes, hot rolls, corn, green beans, brownies, and meat. It was way too much for six people, but we did a good job sending them home with goody bags!

Love cooking so much.


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Wow Gayla, you guys sure know how to put on a spread!! I cooked dinner too for Easter, but I will not show my family pictures of your Easter dinner. . . they will think they got cheated :)

Happy Easter. He is Risen Indeed!!



Lisa said...

Mine got cheated too. Ha. I must say, I just figured out that's a watermelon bowl isn't it? How cute. I bet you had a good time yesterday, I hope you did, love, Casablancalily

Stephanie said...

Im wishing I was at your house for Easter dinner!
Looks like it was great :)