Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eve

Blessings to all of you. Easter, even this early, brings with it such an aura of rebirth, spring, and new life. As much as I love winter, this is still an exciting time. Resurrection Sunday. The impact of that concept, of that sacrifice and then triumph... It has been our most blessed gift throughout the ages. I can't imagine a sacrifice like that, and I am so very grateful to have come to this point in my life with my faith and hopes. Happy Easter to all.

I have so many fond memories of sunrise services, of my little son (long ago) in fine navy and white suits with white caps... and of course, of egg hunts, candy, and trips to see family.

On the Eve of Easter our table is set for my mother, my son, two of his friends, and one of mine. (The one with Sasha!). We are using my grandmother's Desert Rose China. If you peer into the darkness behind the table, you can see my mama sitting there with her walker taking a wee nap. She has been deviling eggs, rescueing my brownies, and making countless trips to the "larder" for provisions. I have been dubbed head cook for the weekend (while that sounds clever, I have already ruined the brownies by leaving out the eggs. They are kinda crunchy, oily, and nasty like that.) Mom tried Paula Deen's pineapple bars from her magazine, and we threw them away.... too floury and dry... So we were then zero for two. I made a carrot cake that sounds delish..
My childhood Easters were spent in Quincy, Illinois, with my great aunt Thelma. The most candied ham you ever tasted.. Pure delight. Lovely food, a huge rabbit of chocolate, sometimes a new outfit.. (She had grown boys but no girl to spoil, so I was always happy to pinch hit for that job.)
Our mantel welcomes the holidays with little chenille bunnies amidst the Bavairan bowls and flow blue...
This bunny tea pot will hop off to my friend tomorrow. It is part of her gift.
An Easter Egg chickadee chorus, a gift this year from my sweet cousin. Also the green jeweled garland crushed into a bone china teacup.

I brought over this upright cabinet from home to stash stuff in my new bathroom. So far, it hasn't helped because my son brought it FULL of stuff from home... grrrrr.... boys have such cute ideas.. gotta love em, though. This little light is exactly the right amount of illumination for those lovely midlife strolls....... What's up with that? Does anybody remember sleeping through the night?
One last pose of the teapot... He came down the trail from QVC, I think... along with a cute chickie one that has already found another home.
Mom bought me this cute bunny arrangement for my door. He made me smile just to see him nestling in there with all the spring flowers.

One of my good friends made this cute wreath for me about twelve years ago. I made about four more that year. I think this is the one she made though because of the little lamb. She raised lambs at the time. Isn't it cute? Baaaa! Our little nook by the bathroom... Lots of critters here, huh?
Quick! take this shot while the hot rollers and all the sprays, lotions, loofahs, and what not are stashed! I'll be cooking on and off all night and will try to post some recipes tomorrow... (Not the one for the eggless brownies!!!) Happy Easter!

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Lisa said...

How pretty. I just don't have pretty things like you and your mom. I am soooo jealous. What can I say. I remember you telling me about those Desert Rose Dishes. You said one of these day, you were thinking anyway, about giving those dishes to your son's bride. I secretly thought I'd ask him to marry me that night!!! Happy Easter, love you much. CasablancaLily