Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is a charming/sleepy little village town near the Mark Twain Lake. At the end of one of the streets was my favorite shop in the town, Lake Country Charms.
Cute, huh?
It was cuter than this inside because the motif was more subtle and springlike. But I enjoyed looking.... AND the cat was delightful.

Morning News

On Saturdays when we can, Mom and I love to just get in the car and take a little joy ride. Neither of us walks too well or too far, but we can sure "drive" and look. Today, after the usual twenty minutes of persuasion, she agreed to get ready to go "somewhere." (She usually takes a little time to try to get me to do something for myself, but why do that when this is fun... and no guilty pleasure...)... Today we set our sights on Perry, Missouri, a sleepy little town near the Mark Twain Lake Region. Lovely antique store and we thought a restaurant... Our main stop was this little gift shop called Lake Country Charms. It was delightful.. In one window was a little goat cart full of Easter bunnies decorated eggs, and faux straw... A beautiful young black and white cat named Dixie met me at the door and accompanied me throughout the stay there. I bought a cute frame for my cousin and a birthday card... But I filed the adorable store away in my memory/mind for a future trip. It held a lot of possiblities.. We ended the day by eating closer to home at Americana Grill.... where their specialty of onion rings makes you have to try an appetizer... Then we were "good" and had salads for the remainder of the meal. (Good if you don't count the dressing and croutons! haha... home made croutons.... to die for). Now it's back home again to watch the snow melt a bit and think about Sunday's big night, the Oscars. What are you wearing to the Red Carpet? I am out of the loop this year on the movies. I used to have a goal to have seen all the major movies before the Oscars. It sure didn't happen this year... Oh, well... Hope to have the snow gone by sundown since it's 40 degrees... That will be a "winner is..." category in my book! Take care.

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black eyed susans kitchen said...

Gayla, Sounds like a perfect day! I hope that warmer weather will be making its way east! We got our first snowfall of the season this week, and although it was nice to see it, I yearn for spring. Susan