Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Breakfast

Before you settle in and read this, you may want to pop over to Garden Goose. She's hosting a Valentine Giveaway, and it looks mighty tempting! She has a wonderful blog... Just be sure to come back soon!!!
Hello there! It's that day again. Our town is preparing for a Sesquicentennial Celebration next autumn, and they've been having money makers every month since August, I think. Today's was a very special breakfast called Groundhog... (Sausage, get it?) They made sausage breakfast casserole, had the traditional sausage biscuits and gravy, had fruit, cinnamon rolls, coffees, tea, juices.... Sounded delicious. I have managed to add my mother to the list of those in our home inflicted with the flu.... so needless to say, we stayed home and recuperated. She made up a pot of soupbeans and ham and some homemade cornbread, so don't feel too sorry for us stay-at-homes.

My cough medicine is a delicious thing that puts me right to sleep... It is flavored with orange, and I honestly think I could drizzle it on ice cream. It's that good. A codeine cicle.... very good idea, huh? Since I've been off school I have spent time reading, dozing, watching back episodes of Oprah Shows, and generally dreaming of a little more healthy time ahead.

I went shopping on the Internet and found some great bargains at Closeouts. I re-arranged (mentally) my room here, and I love the new ideas... ---- Look out, Son!----- I re-vamped my plans for school and also bought some new decor for my room... plus the most darling file folders from Current and from Rose Lane Cottage. I had already ordered some new stuff last week, so now it will be a more authentic place to work. I'm on the lookout for a caddy to corral my desk junk.

Move to number... (what number am I on? Did I not tell you the cough syrup is strong?).... I'm planning some healthier lunches to pack for school... and then I'll have to either go shopping or beg my son to do so..

He is mounting a huge World of Warcraft Assault, a seige he calls it, on a huge castle with players from all over the world.... Hmmm... That is what happens when a young man becomes s computer programmer.... Armchair warriors on Superbowl Weekend... Does that mean I am watching it alone? That is probably due to the fact I'm the only one who likes football PLUS the flu... I am going to make some kind of dramatic snack, but not sure what... I may patrol some blogs and get some ideas. My dad and I were the football buddies, and he had a huge Never to be lit football candle... I probably will not be getting it out tomorrow, but I'm so glad he took the time when I was little to sit me down and teach me the ins and outs of watching the game. I can remember who we were watching, actually... and it was a college game featuring O.J. Simpson..... how long ago was that? How sad Orenthal James turned into such a creep. He sure was brilliant as a young college player.

On a different note, and how many notes have I been hitting? aren't we getting a little tired of campaigning already??? We have been getting so many phonecalls.... I am not ready for the long haul to November.... And I'm not EVEN going there on who I'm voting for... My sweet gramma, the one with all the sayings, used to say of politicians, "Oh, I think if you took 'em all and shook 'em up in a huge burlap sack, you'd be hard pressed to guess which one would crawl out first." haha... Good saying, Gramma....

Take care all and have a SUPER SUNDAY.


GardenGoose said...

inviting you to stop by my blog to join in my latest give away. I hope you'll come join the fun.
p.s. get to feeling better soon.

Becky K. said...

That is a great kitty imposter picture!
My Dad and I were football buddies, too. I miss him so much!
Feel better soon and "enjoy" that medicine...
Becky K.

Mary Isabella said...

Please feel better real soon. Ilove the last picture too cute...Smiles

Stephanie said...

Get feeling better soon ! Those little raccoons are so cute :)
Have a great weekend !

BittersweetPunkin said...

Nice to see a post from you...hopefully you will recover fully soon...glad your medicine is working for you.
Get some rest!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Gayla, I hope that you are feeling a little better. I also have a World of Warcraft player in this house. He is 16. Its a whole other world. Cute racoons. Susan

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

Love your new banner.



Holly (Nickname) said...

so cute! just like we can be at times...trying to fit sweet!
xxxooo Ruth