Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beatin' the Blahs....

Well, it has just been "forever" since I posted anything to my blog... I have been reading all of yours, commenting here and there, looking at mine from time to time and thinking... "Where are you, oh Oatmeal and Whimsy Inspiration?".... and to no avail. I have had such a case of the "flu" that it isn't even human... The sick to death with aches and chills and then flushed and fevery kind, the cough until you are absolutely so sick of coughing you wish you could be shot and thrown in the snow in a ditch kind, the cough some more until you do something awful to your tummy muscle that feels like you have been stabbed kind... the oooooh, eeewww kind of snuffy and hack ack cough that makes all your friends kind of smile sickly and decide to "see you later kind." THE FEEL SO VERY SORRY FOR YOURSELF KIND.

So, today after the 19th day I've had this and yet another night of no sleep due to coughing... I decided to do what anyone would do..... go to Super Wal-Mart and get beauty stuff.... And Heaven and all my friends know that is a good thing. I have neglected myself for several years now.... and it soooo shows... I love pretty clothes and jewelry, but as far as pampering the real me, uh, nah... not so much. I just shower every morning and go... maybe rim my eyes half heartedly with some old eye pencil... maybe spritz on some kind of hair thickener or shaper, but no styling, no pampering... no class.... I even cut my own hair without a mirror during my break at school the last time it was cut.... ( and do I think it doesn't look it?) That ordeal is kind of like the shoes I bragged to mom about... I have worn basically the same pair of Lands End sandals for eight years.... They have lasted so well, and they don't hurt.... When I "shared that with my mother," she looked me squarely in the eyes and said, "AND do you think they DON'T LOOK IT?" hahahahah... Oh, Mom... You old ego builder, you.

And it has been Valentine's Day until I think I am about to puke little pink hearts, actually.. I have never in my life seen such an over abundance of shows dedicated to little chocolate romantical dinners and what not... E-freakin-nuff already. I tried to be enthusiastic for all the rest of you love birds out there. I truly gave it a shot... and even was inspired by a few single bloggers to still "keep the faith." But honestly, haven't we all had enough raspberries and chocolate and creating that glamour dinner for two and ... red and pink heart shaped sunglasses... and even dogs with glittery bandanas... Oh, come on... beauh.... agh.... bah humbug.

Well, I have been stumbling around at the pit bottom for way too long... I am starting tonight with kind of a pamper me spa... Yeah, I think maybe I overkilled it.... but at any rate, I'll never be accused of just sitting here and not throwing something at it.... If you see me, don't actually look for any outward signs of all this beauty regime... it may take a while to "soak" in...

But I'm checking in on my blog and beginning to feel as if it may be possible to beat this flu in the next few weeks at least... In the meantime, enjoy the wintry mix.... I'm headed for a hot shower some 15x mirror and tweezer time (eeek!) and some add that body mousse to your damp hair time........and some delicious Hemp Orange lotion (not pictured! haha) .... and to watch two or more hours of American Idol I have taped from this week... Oh, Simon... you remind me of someone I know and love..... You'd be the first to tell me my shoes look old, wouldn't you, honey?


Sher's Creative Expressions said...

It's the winter time blahs. I'm going through my beauty stuff and updating it too. The older I get, the more time I think I should be spending on myself. . . but I don't!! This is the year for me!!

. . . I'm off to soak my feet now. . . for the first time in I don't know how many years. Probably BC - Before Children!!



Megan said...

Oh, make me laugh! When I went into your room today, I thought, "Gayla looks so pretty today!" Your hair looked especially nice! :)

I know the feeling of not pampering myself. I always used to at least have my toenails lookin' pretty. Now, I can't even remember when I painted them last. It was probably the last time I could actually touch my toes! HA!

gerie said...

you are so funny! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! I hope you feel better soon.I like REAL. You are so funny!! Hee hee ha ha haw haw

GardenGoose said...

LOL this was such a cute/humorous post. I enjoyed reading it..and i hope that you are now over the flu bug and feeling chipper and prettier again now.:0)