Friday, January 11, 2008


(Amy Brown's fairies.... swiped off her website.... See the little watermark. Thanks, Amy. Go look at them. They're lovely!)
Yep. She's back. I missed school yesterday due to some kind of 24 hour thing. Should have gone ahead and made it a 48 hour thing, I think. Discovered my son overslept and missed a very important meeting this morning. Discovered some students were not using time wisely in class (imagine that!). Discovered administrationn was aware of that fact. (oops.) Discovered anew that kids in 2008 just have a "smarter" mouth than they did "in my day."

The news evidently spread that she was back, and she was grumpy. Self-fulfilling prophecy. I didn't think I was, but you know what? Now I KNOW it. I would like to just go home. And by that, I mean REALLY home---- to my dark walls, messy rooms, furry cat, and sulking corners.

Booo.... hiss...... grumble. (P.S. does it count if you apologize to a student nicely, then grump up again when he/she fails to acknowledge the apology???? Probably not. Do I care? hmmm... probably not)


GardenGoose said...

sorry you had a bum of a day. hope your weekend more than makes up for it.

Terri and Bob said...

It does count. Everyone wants to be acknowledged. I am grumpy too, with very little reason.