Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ring a ding.... duh!

Ho Ho HO! I just love snow. I truly do. I try to think how much I love it when it's actually snowing.... (seems like I had that experience a little while I was married.... but that's way another story.) I'm ready to wrap a few gifts tonight and watch some tv. But first, I just had to show a photo of my day... It's a stock photo. No, I did NOT take the time to shoot my itty bitty cell phone when I finally, FINALLY recovered her from a snowbank. You know how they always sigh in exasperation when somebody says it was the last place they looked. People nod and grin and say, "That's because you quit looking when you found it?" NO. Not this time. This little cell phone was in the LAST PLACE I WAS EVEN GOING TO LOOK.

My mother is quite the task mistress. She also is a bit heavy handed with the QVC phone number. Thus, after carefully scrutinizing her wares, she decides that 9... count them, NINE boxes had, HAD to be taken to the little town post office this morning... Never mind they could be taken back any time before JAN. 31. And that it is snowing cats and dogs (does it snow those as well as rain? I bet the snow ones are madder!--- okay, more angry, for all you English teachers.) Wait! I AM an English teacher. Oh, well... bet those frigid kitties and cold pups are MAD.... Anyway, I digress. I took the nine boxes through the snow to the post office and "wallered" them in and mailed them... Then I decided to go home for two hours.

My house was so pretty, and my cat was so cat-aloof and funny about welcoming me back. I just sat and hooted at my kitchen table for about fifteen minutes. Then I went in and threw up the footrest on the recliner, crawled under my Great, great Aunt Phoebe's quilt and let my house literally hold me in its arms and hug me into a warm winter's nap. Then when I got back here at noon... no cell phone...

What followed was pathetic. I searched my purse, my car, my back seat, then began to use the broom to swoosh the porch steps here, the driveway, the post office parking lot and sidewalk and steps... the driveway by my car at home, all the way up the sidewalk to the steps there... FINALLy.... it appeared in a huge glump of snow... It had turned itself off... Too cold and too out of battery to cope. As I grabbed the little sucker, I decided to do the same... Thus, when I came back, I crawled under another cover, this time a red fleece snoflake throw.... and I, being too cold and too out of battery to cope, turned off for the day.

Mother wrapped gifts, made peanut butter cookies with the crisscross thing, got some Christmas cards ready, and did a load of laundry. I did not. I ATE some cookies, looked up her addresses, and fixed the centerpiece of the dining room table... (another photo later). Oh, I also announced to her when the buzzer went off on her dryer so she could fold her clothes. In short, I was a total, red-fleeced slug-a bug. It didn't feel bad, actually.

Restful weekend? kinda... Love and cheer to all of you....


Becky K. said...

Glad you found the phone. It really was nice of you to lug all of those boxes to the Post Office.

I guess now you can look at your own home as a kind of retreat...

You are funny. Thanks for the giggles.

Becky K

Stephanie said...

I love your blog ! Im new here, so Im looking around . This whole blogging thing is really fun. I love the pics of your meals, what a great idea !
Happy Holidays, Stephanie

Mary Isabella said...

I am glad also that you found your phone. Mary

BittersweetPunkin said... least you didn't drop it in the toilet.........LOL