Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Toile Be What Will Be????

I have been meaning to take a few photos in my classroom, but camera nabbers intervened. Now you are seeing the first shots from my new digital camera. Mine. Yes, mine. My fourth digital camera, actually. No, dear son, I would die for you, lie in front of a semi for you, dedicate my life to you, BUT no, you are not borrowing this camera.... (I hope.)

I bought a half roll of toile contact paper on Ebay, (for a little too much I think), but I have so enjoyed it! The books are gradebook and lesson plan book, traditionally kind of blah... This year's had clear covers to protect, so I was able to just slip a layer of toile under there, and voila! Lovely spirals... The little spiral and the notebooks... just a snippet that I had left... But the piece I'm happiest to record is the desk mat... Underneath, it lurks as a FREE calendar from the National Guard!!! fREE!!!! So, my desk is set for France.

Notice my computer is pointed to Cindy's Romantic Home Blog.... (ahem! not during school hours, of course!).

Possibly I've gone too far when I rip off the perfectly good label on my Jergens Cherry Almond Original Scent lotion, slap on a toile bit of sticky paper, and add a bracelet.... Then, what's up with the markers? If the kids want a purple or pink one, they have to raid my stash!!!

Internet coming to Mom's house today! She was excited last night and told me she wanted to look up antique dolls!!! It will be fun to shop with her, too. I really enjoy Internet shopping more than real shopping any more.

Mom doesn't know it, but a Thanksgiving mantel is coming to her house maybe tonight, as well. I planned it and sketched it last night, and am gathering the stuff.... My mother doesn't ever change stuff around... Same mantel except for Christmas for maybe seven years???? Well, seven weeks of it is enough for me. I can't decide whether to include her in the thing or just slip in and do it when she's asleep tonight???? Any suggestions??? I am thinking switch it while she's asleep to surprise her and let her see how cute???? And then she'll swoon and be soooo ready for my holiday mantels all year???? I think I am going by that favorite saying of mine: "It is better to seek forgiveness than ask permission." It's a solid piece of advice.

Happy Fall, Y'all.


Becky K. said...

Great use of the toile! How fun to have your personality displayed at work.

As for the mantle...surprise her! It would be so neat to see her face in the morning.

How fun that will be.

You'd better guard that camera! lol
Becky K.

Julie said...

If you like black and white and toile - you would love the interior of our home - above the barn. It is done in French Country with black and cream toile all the way through - with dark red accents!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love the toile! I see my blog! I'm not looking at yours at work